Lose 5kg Fast – Is NOT A Magic Solution!

by DEE on January 16, 2012

Instant gratification is not soon enough.’ – Meryl Streep

Lose 5kg Fast – Is Not A Magic Solution!

Dee Britton

I am sorry if you are here because you think that I am going to give you the magic solution of how to lose 5kg in the next 24 hours, because I do not have it.

What I want to share with you today is all about what is plastered all over the media at the moment.

Now I don’t usually read glossy magazines (besides glancing at their covers on my way to the supermarket check-out) but this weekend I have been down at the Mornington Peninsula camping with my family. On the table was too magazines and a newspaper.

On browsing through these magazines I was very interested to see that every second advertisement or article was about weight loss.

These are some of the headlines I read.

  • Lose 5kg Fast
  • Half Their Size
  • Fit & Slim For Life
  • Flat Belly Tips and Tricks
  • Trim The Fat Fast
  • 50+ Amazing Slimdowns
  • Kick Start Your Weight Loss Program
  • Weight Loss Resolution

Just to name a few.

With weight loss and getting healthier (including giving up smoking) being the two main New Year’s Resolutions it is no wonder that these magazines are selling like hot cakes.

Everyone is always looking for the next ‘quick fix’.

Now, I totally understand that having these headlines plastered boldly across the front of these magazines helps sell the issues but how many of them are really realistic?

How many of these articles and advertisements do you think that people really follow and get permanent results from?

Is it realistic that if we follow these programs or swallow these pills or potions, or detox for a period of time, that we are going to look like Miranda Kerr, or Ricki-Lee?

I do not think so!

Never have we been more educated, yet never have we been more obese, overweight or unhealthy!

Obviously these diets, programs, pills, etc. do work if you follow them but they are so restrictive and never offer long term results.

The only way to get permanent weight loss results is to understand why you are overweight in the first place.

To understand why you are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Why you are eating all the foods you know make you fat!

Why you do not love yourself.

Get Permanent Weight Loss Results

One of the best methods to do this is through hypnosis and NLP.

These are the modalities that have helped me to get awesome permanent results for thousands of my clients.

They now look and feel fabulous in their slimmer, healthier, sexier bodies.

Does that sound like something that would interest you?

You too can get these amazing permanent results through my one-on-one coaching programs.

But stay tuned as over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing with you new ways you can create the same fabulous weight loss and greater health results through a variety of new products and programs.

Please leave a comment below about any ‘quick fix’ diets or programs that you have tried that where unsuccessful (or successful).

I look forward to working with you to ensure that this year is your best year yet and you will not be able to recognise the healthier, slimmer, fitter, sexier version of yourself.

Be the fabulous person you are.

To health, happiness & living the life of YOUR dreams.

Dee :-)

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