Seeking Ultimate Freedom

by DEE on October 10, 2011

‘Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr

Seeking Ultimate Freedom

Dee Britton

What does Ultimate Freedom mean to you?

At the moment, as we travel around Australia with our two gorgeous teenage children, our ultimate freedom is to live simply and enjoy many new places and adventures together.

Many people believe that Ultimate Freedom is to be extremely wealthy and being able to do want you want everyday.

According to Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen in ‘The One Minute Millionaire’ there are five types of freedom that add up to ensure you are living your Ultimate Freedom.

Money Freedom

Having enough money so that you can live the life you truly desire. You work because you want to and love to not because you have to. You can make large contributions because you’re not a slave or owned by your J.O.B. You can expand your sense of who you really are and be a fully abundant, fully functioning person.

Time Freedom

Once you have established ‘Money Freedom’ you can move on to ‘Time Freedom’. This freedom does not mean that you don’t work; it means that you can decide what to do with your time and what sort of work you want to do. You own your time and your work; it doesn’t own you. You take the time to do the things in life that really make you happy.  Yet, your income continues to grow. Recent studies show that ‘Time Freedom’ is the number one thing that people want more of in their lives ……. more important than both money and sex.

Relationship Freedom

When you have ‘Time & Money Freedoms’ it is easy to pursue ‘Relationship Freedom’. You will have time and love to explore life together and grow along the way.  ‘Relationship Freedom’ enables you to make commitments to loved ones, that are deep, meaningful, intimate and long lasting and allows you to enjoy similar interests and adventures.

Spiritual Freedom 

Knowing who your truly are and your purpose in life gives you ‘Spiritual Freedom’. You are able to peel back the many masks that you have hidden behind and really become one with yourself, the universe and God.

Physical Freedom

To me this is the most important freedom as ‘Health is the Ultimate Wealth’.  In order to enjoy your other 4 freedoms you must have your health. Physical Freedom’ ensures that you have time to exercise and money to buy the healthiest foods and nutritional supplements. ‘Physical Freedom enables you to maintain your health as long as physically possible.

Together these five freedoms give you the ‘Ultimate Freedom’.

And ‘Ultimate Freedom’ gives you the ability to decide. To decide who and what you want in your life and to decide what to do with your time.

First Step

The first step to creating ‘Ultimate Freedom’ is deciding exactly what you want.

Clearly defining what you want in your life, what sort of person you want to be, what you look and act like and how you feel.

If you don’t clearly define what you want, how will you know when you have it? When you don’t know what you want, you tend to spend your time doing things that are not bringing you what you want.

Create a list

Create a list of what you truly want in your life.

What would make you happy and put it in order of priorities, so it is clear what you want the most?

Please feel free to ask for help if you are not clear here.

Review it often and before you know it you will be gradually creating your ‘Money Freedom’, your ‘Time Freedom’, your ‘Relationship Freedom’, your ‘Spiritual Freedom’, your ‘Physical Freedom’ – YOUR ‘ULTIMATE FREEDOM’ and YOUR ULTIMATE LIFE.

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I believe in YOUR dreams.

To health, happiness & living the life of YOUR dreams.

Dee :)

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