Relationships Are 2 Way Streets

by DEE on November 21, 2014


Some relationships just hang on because they think they should. Others stay together because they love and appreciate each other in every way, every day.
Wes, I love you more and more each day and am totally grateful for all that you are and all that you do.


Never Take Loved Ones For Granted

by DEE on November 20, 2014


‘Everyone in my life has something to teach me. We have a purpose in being together’. – Louise Hay

Being very passionate about health and fitness I have a gym membership at Fernwood Fitness. I have been a member at Chirnside for a few years now.
I love going there for a few reasons.
1. It is clean and spacious.
2. Everything I need to train functionally is there.
3. I love to chat with most of the staff (although this does often interfere with my workout ).

Tonight i was fortunate to chat with one of my very favourite staff members – Norma. She shared with me the recent loss of her sister and her brother in law. She had planned to grow old with her sister and share many more special times and now she is no longer here in her physical body.

Although I was able to feel her pain and comfort her, I really have no concept of losing loved ones, except of course my Mardi & Grandpa.

We need to make sure that we never take our loved ones for granted, always tell them that we love them and take time to keep in contact, as life can be taken away way too soon.

Love you Norma, and look forward to helping you celebrate your 63 years young in a few months x


Simple Changes To Create Happiness

by DEE November 19, 2014 Uncategorized

‘I am in the process of making positive changes in all areas of my life“. – Louise Hay Sometimes I feel so busy in life that it is out of control. I just can’t find enough hours in the day. If you are or have ever felt like this I highly recommend you keep reading. […]

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Listening To My Body

by DEE November 18, 2014 Uncategorized

  When the word forgiving is mentioned, who comes to your mind? Who is the person or what is the experience that you feel you will never forget, never forgive? What is it that holds you to the past? When you refuse to forgive, you hold onto the past, and it is impossible for you […]

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Happy Birthday to Me!

by DEE November 17, 2014 Happiness

“I go from pleasure to pleasure‘ – Louise Hay Happy Birthday to Me. Birthdays are a special time for celebration. I love to celebrate my birthday every year and I am happy to say how old I am. It is funny that we go through stages with our age. When we are younger we say […]

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Playing Family Games

by DEE November 16, 2014 Blog

What Happened To Playing Family Games? ‘I am gentle, kind and comforting to my inner child as we uncover and release the old, negative messages within us‘. – Louise Hay Why as children do we always want to grow up so much faster than we do? Then when we become adults we realise how awesome […]

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Why Don’t Children Listen To Parents?

by DEE November 15, 2014 Blog

Why Don’t Children Listen To Parents? ”I ask for help. I tell life what I want and then I allow it to happen” – Louise Hay Why is it so much easier to be an aunty than a mother? Tonight I was fortunate enough to have my three gorgeous nieces over. They are all very […]

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What Did You Learn New Today?

by DEE November 14, 2014 Blog

What Did You Learn New Today? ‘I am willing to learn something new everyday’ – Louise Hay Learning By Teaching I am so blessed that being a teacher that i can also learn something everyday from my students or my peers as well as teach. Thanks for a great day at Huddle today, learning by […]

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Oaks Day or Blokes Day?

by DEE November 13, 2014 Blog

Oaks Day or Blokes Day? ‘Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time‘ – Louise Hay Spring Racing Carnival 2014 We live in an instant gratification society where everyone wants what they want NOW! Not what they need, but what they want. Whether it is the latest gadget, gimmick or an experience, people […]

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Poverty or Prosperity Consciousness

by DEE November 12, 2014 Blog

Poverty or Prosperity Consciousness ‘My Income is Constantly Increasing, and I Prosper Wherever I Turn‘ – Louise Hay Today I was fortunate enough to have the day off my full time paid JOB! Like always though, I made a huge list of the things that I needed to accomplish. My daily To Do List. I […]

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